Sunday, 24 March 2013

so long ......

i don't think i have any daily readers of my blog but in case you are reading this ....
its been long ....
i have had much to do and little to write .

i get bored easily and that is what i am right now ....
you must be too .so ...

this is to announce that i will be giving a makeover to this blog ,
blogging about science is harder than i thought .so, i am going to increase my blogging topics .

when i was small i read up somewhere that the universe is currently known to be indefinite in all directions.
soon after that i read up elsewhere that the hubble space telescope can see till the edge of the universe .
i though that was balderdash !
 how can it see till the edge if the universe had no edge ?
i concluded that the statement was either a metaphor or a serious mistake .
couple of days later i have finally found the answer ,there was a misprint .
the hubble space telescope can see till the edge of the observable universe.

this universe includes everything that we have 'observed ' till date in the universe . we even know just how big
it is and it is BIG .
but what about the unobservable  universe ?
well its just that not observable . so as a tribute to what is the unobservable and not cared for i am going to blog about the little things in the universe which go unobserved .

this includes all the things that might seem useless but could one day make a big difference to the observable .

so ,i will end with ...
the universe is a big place but its the little things which go unnoticed that make it just how  big it is .


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

maths problem

hello people please try solving this !

global warming which greenhouse gases, like CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere, cause     thermal radiation emitted by the Earth's surface to be reflected back down .
2.or radiation emitted by the sun to be absorbed  , therefore causing the climate to warm.
3. This is enhanced by man's added pollutants (factories ,cars and  even cows!)
The greenhouse effect actually doesn't have anything in common with a plant habitat (also called green house)!
the green house for plants works in the principles of convection while the atmospheric green house effect works on the principles of radiation
It is believed by some scientists that global warming due to the greenhouse effect isn't possible as it defies the 2nd law of thermodynamics which is that heat must travel from hotter places to cooler places .

Friday, 15 June 2012

fibo's furry sequence

ever heard of the Fibonacci sequence ?(angels and demons ,touch,da vinci code )

the fibonacci sequence basically goes llike this -
 surprisingly, you don't  have to remember this all you have to do is start with 0 and the successor(next digit)1 add them up and write down the number then add up 1 and the answer to get the 4th digit and follow the same process with the 4th digit and it's predecessor(or the number before)
getting the hang of it ?

so the sum of  first number and the number after it =to the 3rd number then treat the 3rd number and the no. before it in the same way to obtain the 4th number ...

0+1=1, 1+1=2 , 1+2=3 , 2+3=5 , 3+5=8 , etc. (this goes on until infinite )

so too understand more about the following comic visit -

till the next time adios amigos !!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

hello !!!!!
tune in to your favorite blog [which is of course mine !;) ]
by next week for ....(drums rolling, nail biting and kids crying ....)

the Fibonacci sequence !!!!!!!!!!!!

it should be uploaded by next week till then 
adios amigos !

Saturday, 12 May 2012

dark matter also called anti matter

dark matter dark matter is hypothetical matter that is undetectable by its emitted radiation, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter , is just a proposed theory which is a solution to the problem suggested below,-

this is just a proposed theory which is widely accepted ,the above reason is just one of the reasons why exactly dark matter exists .to find out more visit -

next up- SETI!!! (no, it wont take this much time to come out )
good bye and' be hungry be foolish' (Steve jobs )